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BCS Preparation Tips for Preliminary, Written & Interview Viva Exams



Bangladesh Civil Service examination is entering in the Government Service in Bangladesh. Most of the candidate who have desire to get a government job. They are study hard to appear in this exam but most of the candidate doesn’t perform well in this examination because they don’t have efficient guidance to do extra-ordinary work which can help the candidates to get high marks in this competitive exam. These tips must help the candidate to study exclusively.
Candidates who are appearing in the BCS exam planning is most important and initial step for candidates. this exam.  Planning can help the candidates to start prepare BCS. In planning phase candidates gathering the information and candidate require to get more knowledge about the BCS exam because that the beneficial for students.  
Partner Selection
Candidates who are appearing in BCS exam must select the partner who will appear at the same exam with you if that partner your friends that is very good thing. Candidate select one partner or more then one partner its helps the candidate to do a group study and discuses all that with your partner that make your reading more effective for you. This step is more important to prepare BCS exam because we can judge the our point of view and other point of view as well which can help the candidate make their own authentic point view which is easily understandable for everyone.
Read Best Books
There are lots of Books for BCS Preparation through this student can get benefits from these books. But the other thing is that these lots of books in the market not to say that that all books are good for BCS examination. Some of the book is full with incorrect and out-of-date and irrelevant information which cannot help the candidate to get good grade in BCS exam. Candidates should select those books which are written by the well known authors. Student can get the suggestion from those students who pass out this BCS exam recently that can help the candidates to good preparation of this exam. Candidates should purchase those books which are according to their subject’s selections otherwise your money gone loss. there are three best books for well known authors under below that can help you to pass BCS Exams.
-A good preliminary Bangla Guide Professors/oracle
-Soumita Shekhar's BCS preliminary Bangla and
-Bangla Sahittyer Itihas (Mahbubul Alam)
Reading Atmosphere 
For BCS examination candidates should get the reading atmosphere for preparation. Candidates require a study room for your 100% preparation and set up a goal that candidates want to read at least 8 to 10 hour a day for achieving best performance in BCS examination.
Time Left
Candidate must focused about the time and know about that how much time left to start your BCS exam. Candidate can study slowly if it is more than 2 months left for the exam and other then that if candidates have less time than that, you can have a view at some the course which is more important for this BCS exam.
Previous Questions
Candidate can prepare BCS exam through previous questions of BCS exam. And student gets idea through these questions about the upcoming questions in exam. Through this solving the previous questions will assist you to do improve in BCS. If candidates can pursue the above guidelines, it will be very simple for students to conquer the BCS difficulty and obtain a government job easily in Bangladesh.

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This is a awesome site for Bcs or others job seekers. keep it up.. i have a blog for math
  • Mahbub Alam
  • 04/Dec/2017
I am very interested in BCS.I am a B Sc in textile enggnier in a private university. Please say which subject is best for me in B.C.S. General Cadre or Technical Cadre
  • Babul Ahmed
  • 16/Jul/2017
A little addition most impotently selection of best coaching .For you help I share resource of big list of BCS coaching of BD .
  • bisu
  • 27/May/2017
guys I am very interested in BCS. Now I am studying B.S.C in C.S.E in a private university in Dhaka . Please say which subject is best for me in B.C.S. I cant decide and please tell me about general and professional. Please help me....
  • Md Raihan Ahmed
  • 13/May/2017
good post
  • nazmul
  • 13/Jul/2016
bcs prepartation tips are gud but I need more tips and guidelines to clear the bcs exams
  • Nandani
  • 08/Jan/2015

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