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Bangladeshi student can get higher study and Job Opportunities in Malaysia

SSC Passed Bangladeshi Students can Study in Malaysia

China Government Provide Scholarships 2015 and Information Communication Technology Trainings

Low Cost Education Opportunities in Malaysia for bangladeshi students

Opportunity to Study and Work in Japan for Bangla students

Low Cost MBBS Degree from China for Bangla Students

Study Aboard for Bangladeshi Candidate at Moscow State University

Bangladeshi University offers a Greenwich University Degree

Opportunities in Cyprus for Higher Study and Work. candidates can get benefits of low cost education other benefits as well.

During Study Part-time Work Opportunities in Ireland. candidates can study in lower costs.

Study in Australia Open Day at Dhaka organized by IDP Bangladesh

Study in Malaysia with Low Expenditures in BBA MBA Programs

Easily Get the Permanent Residency and study in Portugal

Harvard University Currently Ranked Two in Higher Education

On November 22 and 23 Japan Education Fair 2014

Opportunities for Bangladeshi Candidates to Study in Poland

To simplify Opportunities in Dhaka Sweden Education Week Begins

Bangladeshi Candidates guided by the Higher Education in Finland

OSCL going to start Admission Seminar & Counseling session ‘study @ UK and Abroad’ at Barisal Club.

HSC exam 2016

pcs exam 2015