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How Bangladeshis Spend their Eid ul Fitr Celebrations



1- Eid prayers

Bangladeshis spend their  Eid ul Fitr celebration to do morning Eid prayers with their family member and wearing news clothes.

2-Travel to neighboring Countries

Most of Bangladeshis spend their Eid celebration in foreign countries like Nepal, India, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and other neighboring countries.

3-Family Get-together

On the EId people from the diverse tracks of life, no matter how separate they are from their family, go home to their loved ones and spend time talking, joking.

4-Exchanging Gifts and Greeting

On the EId people of Bangladeshi exchange gifts and greetings with their relatives and loved ones.

5-EID Celebrations TV shows

There are lots of TV channels who onair the multiple tv program on celebration of Eid.

6-Eid Shopping in Bangladesh

During the last days of Ramadan the whole markets in Bangladesh has been open for customers who shopping for eid and these markets fill out with crowded customers.

7-Multiple Dishes on Eid Day

Everyone eats eid special Semai in Bangladesh on day of Eid. There are multiple other dishes made to enhance the vitality of Eid. Lots of sweet dish are making for guest who visited home on day of Eid.

8-People Celebrate Eid in their Hometown

Before 2-3 days of the Eid, people start to leave the cities for their home-towns and villages.

9-No traffic jam at all.

No Traffic jam at all in Bangladesh during the days of  Eid ul Fitr. People are freely moving to roads because their no to many cars, bikes and other vehicles are moving.

10-Parks are full of People

Parks are full of People in Bangladesh. Many people go out to the parks with children, particularly Sisu Park and Fantasy Park in Bangladesh. This is stays for the two to three days of the eid.

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  • 03/Aug/2016

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