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How Ramadan in Bangladesh Different from Rest of World



1- Chawkbazar Market in Ramadan

There is a cheerful environment before sundown in Chawkbazar market in Dhaka as makeshift stall owners and traveling salespersons sell food items to customers throughout the month of Ramadan.

2-Prices are high of basic food items in Ramadan

The price of essential food items in the Bangladesh is very high, other than that in international market the food prices are very low as compare to Bangladesh.

3- Sehri Dishes in bangladesh

 Sehri Dishes in Bangladesh which are very famous in Bengalis people Chabbakia, Paomo, Sherbet, Chapatis, Lavash, Paneer etc

4- Aftar dishes in Bangladesh

Aftaar dishes in bangladesh which very famous in Bengalis people such as Piyaju, Beguni, Chola, boro baper pola, Jilabee and chotpoti, Halim etc.

5- Spread gifts to others

Muslims take the chance throughout the Ramadan festival to hand out gifts such as books and gifts in an effort to spread the “light”.

6- Parents name their children ‘Ramzan’

The reputation and devotion to the festival of Ramadan is deep-rooted by the fact that many parents name their children ‘Ramzan’, in integrity of this spiritual festival.

7- Gathering in Ramadan

Most of the people of Bangladesh are gathering for prayers, discussions, and talks and hosting forums, everybody is requested to partake in the religious festival in Ramadan.

8- Ramadan is a festival of charitable

Ramadan is a festival of charitable, taking care of others and enlightening the public about the Islamic belief.

9- Bangladeshi towns and villages come alive with lights

Bangladeshi cities and communities come thriving with illuminations and beautifications on the highway, in shops and in the market residence as Ramadan is the one of the most celebrated Bangladesh festival and hundreds of people are participated in this occasion.

10- Mosques of Bangladesh are overloaded

Mosques of Bangladesh are overloaded throughout the Ramadan era; admirers of Islam are do prayer in there and gather for holy Quran and other Islamic talk.

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