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Worlds Best Top ten things invented by women



1. Kevlar

Kevlar invented in 1960 by Stephanie Kwolek, she is popular chemist.

2. The Circular Saw

Tabitha Babbitt invented circular saw in 1800s.

3. The Solar House

Maria Telkes a researcher invented solar house in 1950.

4. Windshield Wipers

Mary Anderson created a windshield wipers a patent which is received her in 1903.

5. The Dishwasher

Josephine Cochrane created dishwasher machine in 1886.

6. The Paper bag

Margaret Knight invented machine that created paper bags with flat bottoms, In 1860s she is working in a paper plant.

7. Monoply

Elizabeth Magie is originally created this game which name is Landlord.

8. The foot-pedal trash can

Lillian invented essential kitchen appliances, such as the foot-pedal trash can and other home appliances to survive her family as single parent.

9. Signal flares

Signal flares are invented by the wife of US Navy scientist who was died by the use of high chemicals. After that she was working on it and created signal flares.

10. Chocolate chip cookies

In 1930, Wakefield was baking a cookies, she get chocolate bar, and added pieces in butter to dissolved but after baking these chocolate pieces are same as hard and born Chocolate chip cookies.

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