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International Scholarships for Bangladeshi Students



Students Station Provide, All types of scholarships and grant information for Bangladeshi Students who want to study abroad. 
Foreign Governments, and International Organizations offers scholarships for Internationally students.  Scholarships which are generally available for any subject, course, like Graduate, Post Graduate  (Master), Doctoral (PhD) or field of study offered at the University. Although there might be some exceptions (e.g. Medicine, Law, MBA, etc.), these scholarships generally cover all or most courses offered by the University. will upload all International scholarships. We update our page as soon as scholarships are announced. So keep visiting our page for latest scholarships.

Scholarships List in International Scholarships

Bachelor level scholarship 2016 by Dutch Bangla Bank Limited (DBBL)

Masters level Scholarship awards 2017-2018 by Japanese Grant Aid

Bachelor level Scholarship award 2016 at Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology

Japanese Government awarding Master level scholarship 2017-2018

Egyptian Government is awarding Scholarship 2017 for Bangladeshi Students

Government of Mexico is offers Scholarship award 2017 for Bangladeshi Students.

University of Southampton is awarding Postgraduate Taught Scholarship for Bangladeshi Students

University of West London is offers a Scholarship award of International Ambassador 2016-2017 for Ba...

Government of USA is offers Hubert Humphrey Fellowships 2017 for Bangladeshi students.

KDI school of Public Policy and Management in Korea is offers Scholarship award 2016 for Bangladeshi...

Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) Thailand is offers Scholarship Award 2016 for candidates of Bang...

Masters and PhD level Scholarship Award 2016 for BD Candidates

Masters and PhD level scholarship award 2016 for Bangladeshi Citizen

Government of Netherlands is offered Holland Scholarship 2016 for Bangladeshi students.

University of British Columbia is offered UBC int’l leader of tomorrow award scholarship 2015 for Ba...

East West Center (EWC) in USA is offered scholarship 2016 for Bangladeshi students.

Leiden University situated in Netherlands has been offers scholarship opportunity 2015 for Banglades...

HSC exam 2016

pcs exam 2015